Green Leaf


Hi everyone! I have made some competitions for you guys. Here is one! I have a DRAWING COMPETITION! I have one more, and the rest will be told next week! Well here is the second one! It is MUSIC OR VIDEO COMPETITION! Well enjoy and have fun, and just send them to me in blog! Well have fun!  ( Always there will be four winners the fourth will have a smaller prize!)

Example ( My Drawings)

More Competitions............

Hey everyone! I have a new competition for you! Well try finding out your favorite celebrities email and send then a letter,and then send me the letter at and i will put your name and put you letter on the website! Well have FUN with it!

Hey everyone! I have a new competition for you! Here is the instructions! Well take pictures of flowers at your house, and then send then to me to my email address! Well have fun with this cool competition!

Treasure Hunt

Hey everyone! I have a new competition for you guys! It is a treasure hunt! Here are the items you have to look for ok! Well here they are so listen closely! A egg shell, a brown black and white feather, a pink or red flower petal, a crystal rock, a maple leaf, a peacock feather, a two leafed clover, a two headed stick, a floating bubble, an animal trail, a rainbow in the sky, a blue green and purple duck, a green flower, and last but not least a rainbow flower!


Rules are important so make sure you listen to my rules! 1. Don't cheat! 2. Don't help other people! 3. Don't detracted the other people who are playing! 4. No coping people! 5. Have FUN! 6. If you have a question then please feel free to  send me a blog!


When people start i will tell you guys clues! But when you start you will have to send me a blog message or send me an email that says that you have started! Then i will gives you guys clue! Have FUN, and remember NO CHEATING!

clue: everything green is right where you are looking!