Green Leaf


Hey everyone! Do you want our only home to get destroyed? Well if you don't then GO GREEN! You can help in many different ways! You can recycle paper, stop wasting a lot of water, stop cutting down trees, and more! You know people that have been cutting down our trees have been leaving animals with no home! Soon the animals will die! So if you want to help then please GO GREEN! Thank-you so much if you are going to help! Oh yea here is a picture of the tree being cut down!

More Pictures.....................

Here are some pictures of animals that might need our help so GO GREEN!

Please GO GREEN!


Hey guys! Have you decided on if you get to GO GREEN? Well if you have you have gone to the right page! Here on this section we will talk about things like recycling and saving more paper, trees, ANIMALS, and more! Well have fun!


Hey everyone! Do you know that you can save a lot of thing! Well if you want to see how much you throw away in a day that make a trash book! Here are the steps to do it! Well take a constuction paper or a printing paper or what ever you can find! Then put wo line papers in it and staple it together! Next write that days of the week! ( If you are only doing Mon-Fri then you only need two papers. if you are doing Mon-Sun then you will ne three.) Then everyday write what you throw away and then you will KNOW!


Hey you guys wanted to know how to recycle right? Well RECYCLING isn't that hard! All you have to do is paper that has been full use and that you don't need put it in the RECYCLING bin! Make sure you use the whole thing before you throw it in the RECYCLING bin! Then they people will take your paper and re use it! Isn't that an esay way of saving paper and RECYCLING! well i hope you help and have fun! 

Animal Help!

Hey everyone! Do you want to help animals? Well here are some few ways you can! You can stop cutting down trees and stop killing animals like chickens, geese, rabbits, and other stuff! Well have fun, and please help us save our animals!

More Paw Prints

Saving Water!

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to know how you can save water? Well i know how to do that! When you are taking a shower when you are soaping Then turn off the water even though you feel clod still you are helping everybody! When you are brushing then turn off the water so you don't waste it, and last but not least if you want get a bucket and put it in the kitchen sink! Then when ever you wash your hands or something then you wash them in the bucket and when the bucket get full feed the extra water to the plants so they will get the water instead of wasting it! Well i hope you do some of these ideas and i hope they work for you! Have FUN!

More Water Pictures

Plants and Trees

Hey everyone! I know you guys just have to like trees and plants! well you should really learn about them! They are so cool! You will be amazed when you see these pictures or different plants and different trees! Well have fun learning about them!

Jacaranda Tree

Cherry Blossom Tree ( Bonsai )

Forest of Bonsai

Yellow Bonsai

Bonsai Tree

Look at this Cool Trunk

Plam Tree

Red, Orange and Yellow Trees


Silver Bells

Blue Bells

Red and White Tulips

Colorful Tulips

Blue Wild Flower


Delta Violets