Green Leaf

School Tips

Hey everyone! Need tips for school? Well you have come to the right place! I am going to tell you some good tips for school. Well here are the tips for school! 1. Always pay attention when you are in class. 2. When you have a test study the night before! 3. If there is a bully and he is bullying your then tell you PARENTS! 4. Never draw in class pay attention to the teacher and some day when you have a test it will be really easy! 5. Always help out others and some day they will help you!  Have fun! 

P.E. Tips!

Sport Tips

Hey everyone! I promised you guys that i would send in new tips! Well here are some sport tips! 1. Always bring a water bottle! 2. Always wear tennis shoes! 3. Have on the right clothing so like NO skirts or dresses for the girls! 4. Have FUN! More tips will be posted on to our website so hang on, and have FUN!

Health Tips

Hey everyone! I promised you guys again that i would put more tips well here are some cool TIPS! I am going to tell you HEALTH TIPS! Well here it goes! 1. Don't eat to much of chocolate or candy! 2. Don't Drink to much of soda instead drink lots of water! 3. You should probably follow the food pyramid! 4. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, And last but not least 5. Always eat what you parents give you!

 Old Food Pyramid

New Food Pramid

Saving Money!

Hey everyone! I have some tips for saving money! Well here it goes! 1. Don't waste to much money on toys! 2. Save money for food and other GOOD, GOOD stuff! 3. Save money for your school and you will become smart! 4. DO chores and get allowance for your hard work! 5. Sell some of you old toys that you don't want and sell it for money! 6. Don't give money to your best friend only if your parents let you!