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Small Jet Crash


Sheriff Gary Ringhofer said there were at most nine people aboard the Raytheon Hawker 800, which went down at a regional airport about 60 miles south of the Twin Cities. He said investigators were looking into whether there was a passenger who is unaccounted for. Seven people were dead at the scene. One died later at a hospital. Atlantic City Mayor Scott Evans told The Associated Press that those on board included two high-ranking executives from Revel Entertainment, which is building a $2 billion hotel-casino project in Atlantic City, and several employees of Tishman Construction. He didn't know their identities, but said Revel CEO Kevin DeSanctis was not on board. Tishman is helping with the Revel project, a company spokesman said. Lauren Avellino Turton, a spokesperson for Revel, confirmed in a written statement that several company employees were killed in the crash, although she didn't identify those killed or say how many were on board. "Revel is mourning the loss of several of its team members," the statement read. "The design team was heading to Minnesota for a glass manufacturing meeting." The charter jet, flying from from Atlantic City, N.J., to Owatonna, a town of 25,000, went down in a cornfield northwest of Degner Regional Airport, scattering debris, Ringhofer said. The wreckage was not visible to reporters because tall corn obscured the crash site. Cameron Smith, a mechanic at the airport, said he spoke by radio with the jet's pilot just minutes before the crash. The pilot was about to land and was asking where he should park for fuel, Smith said. He ran to the crash scene to see if anyone could be helped, but saw only a long skid path and debris that he described as "shredded."  To see more news go to From: AOL NEWS

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Celebs Hollywood Fashion Trends

Harry Potter' star Emma Watson looks particularly pale (not to mention prissy) in this frumpy white Charles Anastase dress at Cartier's International Polo tournament in London. Guess horses aren't Hermione's thing. ( If you want more then go to   From: AOL NEWS

New Dinosaur Found

What did Tyrannosaurus Rex's ancient relatives look like? The fossilized remains of a previously unknown ancestor to the "tyrant lizard" may give scientists a better idea. Above, Tomasz Sulej of the Polish Science Academy holds one of the newly discovered bones Friday. Click through the gallery for other fossil finds.       
It was five yards long and moved on two legs. Its longest teeth were 2 inches long. "This is a completely new type of dinosaur that was so far unknown," Sulej said on Friday. "Nobody even expected that members of this group lived in that time, so this gives us new knowledge about the whole evolution of the T-Rex group." The remains were excavated from a brickyard in Lisowice village about 125 miles from Warsaw. The paleontologists will continue examining the bones and fully document the discovery before they decide what name to give to the new dinosaur. They will exhibit the findings in Lisowice on August 7, Sulej said. At the same site the group also found a dicynodon -- a reptile which was a direct predecessor of mammals. "We are almost certain that "Dragon" hunted animals like this herbivorous dicynodon, which looked like hippopotamus but was much bigger," Sulej said. Editing by Angus MacSwan  From: AOL NEWS ( )

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New Movies

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