Green Leaf

Need help? Well here is the right place to go to! If you need help then  send something in the blog! I will write some questions down here that you guys may ask and then other people will come here and they will read their question and then they will know the answer to their problem!

To Do Board

Hey everyone! I have a to do board for you guys so you won't get lost in the games or something like that! Well i will put everything down of what order you have to go in but of course you don't have to do this ok! Well here is the to do board! Look Down!



1. Visit News 2. Visit Environment 3. Go To Tips 4. Go To Sports and last 5. Go To Competitions

1. Go To Galleries 2. Go To Help 3. Go To Games 4. Go To Videos and last 6. Go To BLOG!

Q. What pictures do you want us to take for the competition? A. Take pictures of stuff that you made like a clay dog or something and another way is if you have a painting game thing on you computer you can also us that!

Q. What happens if you don't win in the competitions? A. The forth winner will get a smaller prize!